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10 Of The Most Stylish Scary Movies Ever

Fashion and fear go quite well together. Here's a look at some classic horror films that are chic with a shriek.

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1. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Roman Polanski's 1968 masterpiece on pregnancy paranoia features Mia Farrow in a trendsetting pixie cut ("It's Vidal Sassoon! It's very in.") and many simple, color-focused looks that capture a modern young city girl in the 60's (who also happens to be carrying the spawn of Satan).

Killer Style Moment: Rosemary's crimson jumpsuit with the oversized collar and voluminous sleeves that she wears before and during the nightmare sequence (of which the most upsetting part was the fact that her jumpsuit was ruined. Just kidding, kind of.)

2. American Psycho (2000)

Part of the brilliance of this dark satire of 80's yuppie culture is the obsessive importance which Patrick Bateman puts on personal style and maintenance. While the movie plays out like a satire, the fashion is dead accurate for the times.

Killer Style Moment: Bateman's transparent vinyl button-up raincoat paired with his Armani suit. Practicality never looked so good. Sorry, Paul.

3. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Director Stanley Kubrick is one of the masters of stylized cinema, and the fashion of his films follows suit. The story centers around a charmingly psychopathic (and uncomfortably stylish) gang leader named Alex who has an affinity for codpieces, bowler hats, eyeball cufflinks and false lashes. And ultraviolence.

Killer Style Moment: Alex's departure from his usual all-white ensemble during his outing at the record shop. He worked the hell out of that eggplant brocade overcoat with the amorphous cream-and-silver collar, cuffs and buttons. He looked like a less threatening Willy Wonka, and it worked.

4. The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

In this fashion-centric thriller, Faye Dunaway plays a provocative fashion photographer who has the strange ability to see murders before they happen. The plot gets a bit heavy-handed, but the movie is cushioned by some fantastic Helmut Newton-esque fashion shoots featuring gorgeous models in violent scenarios.

Killer Style Moment: The "Supermodel hookers in front of the burning car" shoot.

5. Carrie (1976)

The celluloid tale of telepathic outcast Carrie White is a fantastic demonstration of teen fashions in the late '70's.

Killer Style Moment: the pink satin gown that Carrie made for the prom. She and her dirty pillows looked fabulous, and I don't think the bloodstains necessarily ruined the look to be honest.

6. Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Directed by Italian horror maestro Mario Bava, this film centers around (a decidedly Margiela-esque) masked killer who hunts the beautiful models who live in a communal couture house in Paris.

Killer Style Moment: Killer red mannequins. Enough said.

7. The Shining (1980)

Kubrick keeps up the style-focused momentum with this horror classic about an increasingly unstable family staying at The Overlook Hotel. The fashion of this film is understated yet, like all aspects of style in a Kubrick film, has purpose and unity. Plaid and earth tone corduroy pops up on each family member at least once, with the other hotel "guests" dressed in stark contrast.

Killer Style Moment: Shelley Duvall serves up mousy mom realness throughout the whole movie, but it's little Danny who kills it with his Apollo spaceship knitted sweater.

8. The Invisible Man (1933)

When your leading actor's body is basically invisible minus some drab head bandages, you're going to have to liven it up a little with the wardrobe: that is exactly what they did with Claude Rains' Jack Griffin, the titular invisible man. Griffin, a mad scientist who turned himself invisible, chooses to clothe himself (in awesomely dapper duds and, at one point, darling striped pajamas) because it makes other people aware of his presence, and his power.

Killer Style Moment: Those sunglasses, honey! Nevermind their nifty modern design, how they wrap around his sockets where there are none are both disturbing and comforting, human and artificial. I feel like they could be DSquared.

9. Suspiria (1977)

I'm not a doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure that Suspiria is the most gorgeous movie in the world. This horror-fairy tale, directed by Dario Argento, involves beautiful ballerinas, the dopest ballet academy in existence, and a secret coven of killer witches.

Killer Style Moment: The dark haired brat painting her nails red and wearing the slinky cream dress with beige netting and Princess Leia buns. She was the worst but damn she was on point with that look.

10. Rear Window (1954)

Three words: Grace Kelly's wardrobe. This Hitchcock classic is as suspenseful as it is stylish largely in part to Ms. Kelly, who plays a high society fashion consultant named Lisa who always looks like she stepped off of a Vogue cover.

Killer Style Moment: When Lisa removes her green coat to reveal a sleeveless cream silk blouse. Business to evening in one fell swoop. Who could pay attention to a potentially murderous neighbor with a gal like that around?

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