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People React To The Shittiest Christmas Gifts

Because sometimes you unwrap a present and all that's there is disappointment. Make sure that's not the case with your gift-giving this year and give your loved ones Beats by Dre.

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We asked BuzzFeed employees about how they'd react if they were to receive these 10 shitty gifts this Christmas. Here's what they had to say:


Hannah C.: You could have gotten me alcohol. YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN ME ALCOHOL.

Tara: The fuck? What am I, 80?

Justin: Smile politely, cut the candle into pieces with a knife, put them in a bowl, microwave the bowl, then throw the hot wax at the gift giver, all without breaking eye contact.

Chris: Wow, thanks for trying to burn my house down.


Jen: Grandma, I love you, but we’ve been through this.

Casey: I would stuff my bra with this.

Leslie: Perfect for my “depressing thunderstorm” look.

Hannah C.: Good, my “2008 club owner” wardrobe has been in need of a refresh. Did you get me a trucker hat too?


Hannah C.: Point taken, Aunt Carol. Enjoy the weight-loss book you’re getting next year!

Casey: “Thank you, I’ll read it during dookies.”

Mandy: Instead of giving me this, you should just give a really mean look to my parents.

Chris: Does it finally teach me how to read?


Mandy: Great, there are like three Brazil nuts.

Tara: I’m allergic. Point taken. Better sleep with both eyes open tonight.

Chris: Guess who’s getting a nut tree next year?!

Justin: I'd smile politely while scattering the nuts around the living room as if I was blessing the place without breaking eye contact.


Hannah C.: Oh good, this should fit the dog!

Mandy: I’ve decided I’m Jewish now.

Casey: Gonna wipe my butt with this, thank you so much!

Justin: I'd smile politely, grab a single loose thread, and methodically unravel the entire sweater without breaking eye contact.


Hannah C.: Use it on the giver for its intended purpose…

Mandy: If you’re trying to call me a ball-busting bitch, just fucking say it to my face.

Casey: Scream, start crying, throw the nutcracker against the wall, and say, “NOOOO! Not again! Why won’t he just leave me alone already?”

Chris: Wait, were the mixed nuts uncracked? Because if so, this is very useful and considerate.


Kim: I’m actually not mad at this. I love coupons.

Mandy: Where’s the one that takes 50% off the time I have to spend with this family?

Hannah C.: Assume these are part of the wrapping, tear at them wildly, throw their tattered remains on the floor, and ask where my gift is.

Justin: Smile politely while rewrapping the coupons, crossing out the names on the gift tag, and immediately regifting this to the person sitting next to me...without breaking eye contact.


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Casey: Look at the giver and say, “Have you ever seen Unfaithful?”

Mandy: I must free it. *smashes snow globe and scoops up whatever was in there and takes it into car and drives away*

Tara: Do I look like a virgin?

Chris: At least I don’t have to shovel it...I guess. But seriously, why would you do this to me?


Hannah C.: Touch the giver firmly yet tenderly on the shoulder, make intense eye contact, and say, “Thanks...but where I’m going, I won’t need these.” This will just haunt the fuck out of them.

Tara: Wait, I actually needed these. Thanks!

Mandy: Yeah, you never don’t need normal socks.

Chris: Good god, I’m not some hormonal teen. All right, fine, I’ll take ‘em, and I am.



Casey: Put the coal in the microwave. Meanwhile, ask the giver to lie facedown, then give them a hot-stone massage.

Hannah C.: Start acting affronted about the environment and bring this gift-opening sesh to politics immediately. It’s the only way to hurt them more than they hurt you.

Justin: Smile politely, stick these up my butt. One month later, poop out diamonds, and sell them on the black market...all without breaking eye contact.

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