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    Katy Perry's "Roar" Music Video In 25 GIFs.

    Katy Perry just released her new music video for the song "Roar" and we tried to capture the best moments as GIFs for you.

    1. Retro Intro.

    The retro intro sets the tone, somewhat.

    2. Super fan photo op.

    You know they guy your with just has to take a photo like he's a huge fan or something.

    3. We're thinking he's gay.

    But we find out quickly he's not into Katy like that.

    4. When she realizes he's gay also.

    Now how are you supposed to have fun...

    5. She doesn't have to worry about that anymore.

    6. She just realized she is in nature, without help.

    What is she going to do without her assistants.

    7. Then this happened. Firefly Tiger Head.

    The jungle gets weird.

    8. Morning breath FTW.

    Another reason it's important to brush your teeth kids.

    9. Look at Katy's pussy.

    10. The Gun Show.

    She does look ridiculously good here.

    11. Simba?

    12. Gotta brush those teeth.


    13. Don't forget your lips.


    14. She looks so damn cute.

    Bitches be like...

    15. Showertime.

    That didn't work out so well.

    16. It's definitely Mufasa.

    17. Mani Pedi Time.

    18. #selfies.

    19. She likes to swing.

    George of the Jungle like.

    20. Everywhere.

    21. Just gonna look amazing hanging onto this pole.

    22. Calling all you basic bitches.

    23. I am your Queen.

    24. No really I am. Lannister Style GOT and shit.

    25. The End.

    26. Watch the whole video here.

    View this video on YouTube

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