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    19 People Who Have Experienced Things You Almost Won't Believe

    Wish you were here!

    1. This couple who spent an amazing holiday at a paradise-like island that's definitely not one of the default Windows 10 wallpapers.

    Twitter: @aonomekisuna

    This magnificent beach is called ParadiseBeach.jpg and it's in... um... Costa Rica.

    2. These people who own a giant hamster and don't hesitate to take it on vacation with them no matter how much some hotels object.

    Mr Cheesy needs a break sometimes too, you know.

    3. This person who travelled to Alaska and fought a polar bear at dusk.

    And won, of course.

    4. This boy who's explored the ocean.


    And didn't even need SCUBA gear.

    5. Or this boy who convinced Jennifer Lawrence to go to prom with him.

    Sure, she wore a dress she had worn to the Oscars before, which is a little tasteless, but at least she showed up.

    6. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence is up for pretty much everything. She went to Paris with this other guy!


    All you need to do is pick up the phone and ask her out. She'll be happy to show up.

    7. This woman who crossed the Great Wall of China.

    Facebook: sevelyn.kinya

    She's done what thousands of Mongolians never could.

    8. Ariana Grande's new boyfriend.


    So cute together.

    9. Or this girl who's really tight with Justin Bieber.

    Twitter: @trompetero

    Celebs and their best friends... they're just like us.

    10. And this other young woman, who's Enrique Iglesias' BFF.

    11. This girl not only had a great vacation in Paris, she also did something that very few human beings have done before: mastered the art of levitation.

    12. And what about this guy? So young and he's already caught himself a mermaid bride!

    I bet you've never even met a mermaid.

    13. This guy who managed to transform his body into something you can only dream of having one day.

    14. Or this boy, who worked hard day after day to achieve his dreams, and bought himself the car of all of our dreams.

    15. Kind of like this other guy did.

    He owns the road.

    16. This man who has A PET TIGER!

    Your Instagram account full of photos of your boring house cat can't even compare.

    17. This girl who didn't care about mainstream beauty standard and decided to pursue her dream of becoming "Hello Kitty".

    18. These people who live for the journey, not the destination.


    19. And this girl, who fell on the beach and just went with it.