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    14 Weird Thoughts That, Once They Cross Your Mind, You Won't Be Able To Stop Thinking About

    If you think about it, neurologists are just a bunch of brains studying another brain??

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    1. For all we know, dinosaurs might not even roar — instead, they might have made clucking noises, much like their distant relative, the chicken.

    Universal Pictures / Amblin Entertainment

    2. A penis is also called a "cock" because it sits on top of the "eggs."

    Simonskafar / Getty Images

    3. A group of scientists studying the brain is really just a bunch of brains studying a brain.

    Jolygon / Getty Images

    4. What if oxygen was actually a toxin that just took 80-100 years to take effect on humans?

    Valio84sl / Getty Images

    5. A million ants could pick you up, but you could not pick up a million ants.

    Jorge Villalba / Getty Images

    6. If you're on your deathbed, and you haven't been visited by your great-great-grandchildren via time travel, then it means either your offspring doesn't love you — or time travel really doesn't exist.

    Nopparit / Getty Images

    7. A lollipop or sucker is really nothing more than a flavor enhancer for your own saliva.

    Halfpoint / Getty Images

    8. You don't actually know what your face looks like because you've only seen it in reflections and photographs.


    9. In order to sleep, you have to pretend you're already sleeping.


    10. And when you close your eyes, you're actually looking at the inside of your eyelids.


    11. How did you organize your thoughts before learning to speak?


    12. When you have to stop and think about breathing, it suddenly becomes something you have to consciously do.


    13. Numbers start somewhere, but they don't stop.


    14. And finally, you've never been closer to your death than you are right now.


    So there's that.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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