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    19 Questions I Have About "Beauty And The Beast" Now That I'm An Adult

    Why is Lumière the only character with a French accent?

    1. First things first: If we assume the film is set in a French village, how come Lumière is the only character with a French accent?

    2. OK. It's quite obvious that Beast is a tyrant and an asshole. But...did the fairy really need to place a curse on him and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE PALACE? Isn't that a bit extra?

    3. By the way... What kind of prince PERSONALLY opens the doors of his palace every time someone calls at ungodly hours begging for shelter?

    4. And doesn't this prince have a family? Like parents or something?

    5. Isn't this guy a little too happy considering the day he's having?

    6. How is it possible for this guy to keep his bookstore running if everyone in the town says that Belle is the only person who reads books and that's why they consider her "the weirdo"?

    7. Another thing: Belle's favourite book (the one she's read 12 million times) says: "Here's where she meets Prince Charming / But she won't discover that it's him / 'Til Chapter 3." DIDN'T THAT GIVE HER A SPOILER?

    8. If Beast is supposed to have such a temper, and given that he has meltdowns at the smallest provocation, isn't calling him "Beast" pushing it too far?

    9. Why did some pieces of furniture talk and sing while others were silent?

    10. We never saw the castle's bathrooms. Were they cursed people too?

    11. How many children did Mrs. Potts manage to have before the curse? Two hundred? And where the hell is the father of all these kids?

    12. And with all the perfectly fine cups they had in the pantry, why did they always serve guests using the only broken cup?

    13. Is Gaston the bar's owner?

    14. What happens if Belle touches the rose?

    15. Why doesn't Beast know how to use a spoon? He was born human.

    16. Why doesn't Lumière ever melt? His face is made of wax.

    17. What's this supposed to be?

    18. Wait a moment... Isn't Mrs. Potts too old to have such a small child?

    19. And, finally: Why, when the prince transforms...

    ...does Belle make THIS FACE as if everything didn't just happen in front of her eyes and she's not sure who this new guy is?

    Seriously, Belle? Seriously?

    This post was translated from Spanish.