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    29 '00s Fashion Trends That, In Retrospect, Maybe Weren’t Such A Great Idea


    1. Camouflage.

    2. Huge logos on shirts.

    3. Bandanas.

    4. Super-tight, cropped jeans.

    5. Ruffled skirts.

    6. Jute sole shoes.

    7. Studded belts.

    8. Neckties.

    9. And just this general pseudo-punk aesthetic to show how much of a rebel you were.

    10. Jeans WITHOUT pockets.

    11. And those really low-riding jeans.

    12. Blonde highlights, even when you had jet-black hair.

    13. Leaving two ridiculous stray locks of hair in the front when we put our hair up.

    14. Asymmetrical skirts.

    15. These versatile, baggy pants.

    16. Silicone bra straps.

    17. The classic bucket hat.

    18. And those awful fedoras.

    19. "Boho-chic" dresses.

    20. These book bags from the future.

    21. Those princess dresses for New Year's Eve.

    22. Tiny bags with even tinier handles.

    23. Flared pants and pointy heels.

    24. These blouses.

    25. Triangular thong underwear.

    26. Little sweaters that only covered your shoulders.

    27. Navel piercings.

    28. Leg warmers like the type worn by ballerinas.

    29. And just to remind ourselves that we were on the threshold of the future, shiny, metallic EVERYTHING.

    This post was translated from Spanish.