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    Ross Geller Is The Worst Fucking Thing That Ever Happened To "Friends"

    He's such a shitty person! Why did they accept him in such a cool little group?

    Ross has been a shitty person since he was born.


    Do you remember that episode with Brad Pitt where Rachel finds out that Brad Pitt's character hates her? That all began when Ross started the I Hate Rachel Green Club in high school simply because she wasn't interested in him.

    I mean, Ross has been into Rachel since he was 17 years old, when she was friends with his younger sister. That's a bit obsessive, isn't it Ross? But the worst part is that he thinks that Rachel owes him something, and has for years.

    Repeat after me: "I'm Ross Geller and women don't owe me absolutely anything just for being Ross Geller".


    The evidence is all there from the very first season of Friends:

    When Rachel shows up at Central Perk after running away from her wedding and runs into her childhood friend, Monica. Ross is immediately attracted to Rachel, but he also starts acting like a huge asshole.

    Ross' plan to make Rachel fall madly in love with him is to sabotage any type of relationship or love interest that she has (always behind her back, of course) and act like her friend in order to take advantage of her at a time when she's most vulnerable so that she'll fall in love with him.

    Ross uses the typical "nice guy" narrative when he speaks with his friends and colleagues about their relationship. I mean, he constantly acts like he's the victim and uses two key phrases: "women always go for bad boys" (like you're some kind of angel, Ross) and "Rachel underestimates me and puts me in the friendzone" (how about you stop putting her in the relationshipzone or in the fuckzone, little friend? Or just be honest and don't lie to her by pretending to be her friend.)

    Ross is possessive and manipulative.


    Ross is disgustingly possessive. When Rachel lands a job at Bloomingdale's and starts to feel fulfilled professionally and personally, Ross decides to make her feel guilty for her success and accuses her of "not having enough time for him". Eh, Ross, calm down, she may have less time to dote over you as you classify rocks or whatever, but she seems happier now! Can't you be more supportive?

    But Rachel is not the only victim of Ross' possessive behavior. Do you remember Elizabeth, the student/girlfriend who Ross got mad at because she wanted to wear a bikini? Yikes.

    Ross is compulsively jealous.


    God, remember Rachel's coworker, Mark? Ross practically starts spying on Rachel and shows up unannounced at her office just to see if she's getting involved with him.

    Even if Ross didn't trust in Mark, shouldn't he at least trust Rachel?

    Ross thinks he's superior to everybody.


    Ross knows a lot about dinosaurs and rocks, which is great, but it doesn't give him the right to believe he's better than everybody. However, in the Wonderful World of Ross Geller, being academic instantly transforms you into someone who's better than anybody who isn't. And he's not afraid to show his disdain for others: he constantly mocks Joey, who may be less intelligent, but who also has much more success with women (something that Ross detests). But, above all, it's incredible how condescending Ross can be to his girlfriend (and supposed "love of his life"), Rachel.

    Ross even makes a list of what he dislikes about Rachel, which includes things like "spoiled, too into her looks, is just a waitress". Ok, Rachel can act a little spoiled, but she abandons her whole life and starts working as a waitress so she doesn't have to go back to living with her parents (or a husband she doesn't love). Isn't that worth keeping in mind? Sure, Rachel worries about her looks, but that's precisely what leads her to a job in the fashion world. And, finally, "is just a waitress"? So Ross is a classist AND a prick.

    And finally, no matter what, Ross Geller makes everything about him in the end.


    When his ex-wife reveals that she's pregnant with his child, all Ross does from the minute she tells him until the minute the child is born is try to prove that he's better than his ex-wife's new girlfriend. He doesn't do anything for the baby, or for his pregnant ex-wife.

    When Rachel is getting ready to tell Ross that she's pregnant, he just assumes that she's there to ask him if they can get back together, because how could she not still be in love with the wonderful Ross Gellar?

    And so on and so on... Ross selfishly wallows in his own misery for 10 seasons and complains about how "bad things only happen to good people" so that he doesn't have to come to terms with the idea that (surprise!), maybe if you have so many problems and strained relationships, you're the problem, Ross Gellar.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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