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    24 Faces That Will Be Familiar To Every Feminist


    1. When someone asks you if you hate men because you're openly feminist.

    2. When you think you've met a nice guy and after two beers he says, "You're not like the rest of the girls... you're not impossible to talk to."

    3. "Stop generalizing — NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE THAT!"

    4. When someone tells you that you'll never find a man with that attitude.

    5. "I'm not sexist or feminist — I believe in equality."

    6. When you get "manterrupted"...

    7. ...and then he starts "mansplaining"...

    8. ...and condescendingly explains something that you already know perfectly well.

    9. When you're told you'd be prettier if you smiled a little.

    10. When you say you like football and a guy says, "Ha, really? OK, smarty, who was the leading pass rusher last season?"

    11. "Fucking feminazis! They're the real oppressors."

    12. When someone tells you that you look so much better without makeup, without realizing that you spent two hours in front of the mirror to achieve that "no makeup" look.

    13. When a coworker jokes "I'm bisexual... I can handle two chicks at once!" and everybody laughs at his joke and you don't want to be an asshole but, like, WHAT CAN YOU DO?!

    14. When you try to cite all the cases of violence against women and someone feels it's necessary to mention false reports.

    15. "My ex-girlfriend was crazy."

    16. "You feminists never complain when you get into a nightclub for free."

    17. When you can't be pissed off about something without some dude asking you if you're on your period.

    18. When you're told that a woman shouldn't drink or curse because it's improper for a lady and you're just like, "challenge accepted."

    19. When you're fully aware that you're being objectified by a stranger.

    20. When you're told that all you need to stop hating men so much is a good screwing.

    21. When you're in a bar with your best friend and a boy comes up to you saying, "You look so lonely here by YOURSELVES."

    22. "You should be more feminine."

    23. When a guy starts in on some shit about us coming from caves and how men are meant to be hunters and women belong in the kitchen and that some things aren't sexism, but BIOLOGY.

    24. "You're doing a disservice to your cause."