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    18 Unanswerable Questions I Have About Disney Movies

    Why do we keep calling her "the little mermaid" after she grows legs? Why don't we call her "the little person" instead?

    1. If Buzz Lightyear didn't know he was a toy, why did he freeze and act like a toy when Andy entered the room?

    2. How does Ariel decide which sea creatures are her friends and which ones are her underwear?

    3. After Ariel loses her tail and gets legs, why doesn't she become "the little person" instead of "the little mermaid"?

    4. Would Lightning McQueen need to buy life insurance or car insurance?

    5. Does Mike Wazowski blink or wink?

    6. What if another girl who wears a size 6 shoe had decided to go to the ball that night?

    7. If the seven dwarfs mine diamonds and gems all day, why aren't they rich? Why do seven of them share a small house?

    8. It's certainly not sane, but is it even legal to leave your entire fortune to your four cats? What are they going to do with it?

    9. How did Pocahontas know English if she had never met an English person before?

    10. Was Scar called something else before he got the scar?

    11. Don't you think you're setting your daughter up for a lifetime of evil by naming her "Cruella de Vil"?

    12. Either they both walk on two feet and speak, or neither does. How are Goofy and Pluto both supposed to be dogs?

    13. Why does Mickey always wear gloves? Is he a magician? A mime? A germaphobe? Why?

    14. Where in the jungle does Tarzan get his body waxed?

    15. Where are Aladdin's nipples?

    16. Does the prince from Sleeping Beauty have a real name? Is "Charming" his actual name, or just a description?

    17. If all the dishes and silverware in Beast's castle are just cursed people, what did they eat and drink with BEFORE the curse?

    18. Also, why does a castle with a single inhabitant need so many servants?

    This post was translated from Spanish.