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    27 Times Art History Totally Captured What It's Like Having A Best Friend

    These painters get it.

    1. When your best friend is texting with her crush but you don't want to miss out on any of the details, so you pop in with "What did they say?" and "What did you say?" every five seconds.

    2. When you're finally alone with your best friend and you can show the real you.

    3. When you've been telling your best friend about someone you like for over two hours and she just can't take it anymore.

    4. When you mean to send a screenshot of a conversation you had with someone to your best friend, but then you accidentally send it to the very person you were gossiping about.

    5. When the person you both hate shows up at the party and your BFF and you are too drunk to hide how much you hate their mere existence.

    6. When you're already at the "passing out" stage but your friend just started to get a buzz from her shot.

    7. When you "like" just about any bullshit your best friend posts on social media.

    8. When you reference an inside joke in the middle of a party and you look over at your best friend who is, in fact, already laughing.

    9. When your best friend talks too much and tells a whole bunch of people about the time you had diarrhea in that coffee shop.

    10. When your friend has to tell you something but she can't do it in front of all those other people, so you stare at her until she finally excuses herself from the group so the two of you can go gossip outside.

    11. When she's your best friend and you don't want to judge her, but you start judging her.

    12. When your best friend is on a date and you stay up really late staring at your phone until she texts you to tell you all about it.

    Edvard Munch- Girl by the Window

    13. When your friend is going through a really nasty breakup and you run into her ex having fun at the club.

    14. When your best friend shows you the conversation she had with the person she likes.

    15. When you're right about everything.

    16. When your best friend shows you the dick pic someone just sent her.

    17. When your best friend has been getting ready for a century.

    18. When you know that your best friend is only dating them because they're in a band.

    19. When you and your best friend both have horrible hangovers and are down $100 in your bank accounts because of a night out that wasn't even all that great, so you're depressed as hell all Sunday.

    20. When your best friend and you discover a new common hatred.

    21. When your best friend and you only wanted to spend the afternoon gossiping about other people, and then that annoying person shows up yet again and ruins all the fun.

    22. When you know your best friend is hiding something from you.

    23. When your best friend tags you in a photo without asking you first.

    24. When you have to hold your best friend's hair so she can vomit.

    he Colosseum - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

    25. When you don't know how to tell your best friend that her dress doesn't look all that good on her.

    Eve and the Serpent

    26. When you see your best friend winning an argument against someone you hate and you feel really proud.

    27. And when both of you are going through a rough time at the same time, but it's not so bad because, after all, you may be in deep shit but at least you're in deep shit together.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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