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36 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Visit The North Of Spain

Planning your next vacation? Well, stay away from Spain's northern coast.

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1. Oh, you're thinking of visiting Spain's northern coast? Why's that?

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2. What are you expecting to find there? Rain?

Instagram: @gerardgalbete

3. I hope you don't plan on going outdoors much while you're there. The weather can get pretty nasty.

Instagram: @willynaves

4. Though, in any case, if you did decide to go out, it's not like there's much to see.

Instagram: @viajablog

5. I dunno. Call me crazy, but I'm just really more of a city person.

Instagram: @nuri_nc

6. And I'm just not that easy to impress...

Instagram: @alex_gil_g

7. ... so I very much doubt that you can find something in in the North that you haven't already seen somewhere else in Spain.

Instagram: @lejo87

8. Speaking of which... wouldn't you rather go to some other part of Spain? How about Galicia? The architecture is beautiful in Galicia.

Instagram: @berto_photo

9. What is it about the Asturias region that calls out to you?

Instagram: @emmaisach

10. It's not like there's anything there that'll make you say, "WHOA, DUDE, IT'S SO AWESOME!"

Instagram: @marketingsgm

11. When it comes to cultural tourism there definitely isn't anything interesting to experience.

Instagram: @naraomi_

12. It's like you've already seen it all before, like... a million times.

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13. And then there's the coastline. I'll bet there are nicer beaches in Spain you could visit.

Instagram: @willynaves

14. If you want to see a sunset, just go to Ibiza.

Instagram: @becaria

15. I don't think that th... OH, GOD, WHAT A CUTE DOG.

Instagram: @an_prado

16. You see, when you travel, you should be on the lookout for those magical spots.

Instagram: @berto_photo

17. Places that make you say, "Damn, I was there and it was awesome."

Instagram: @secarejense_

18. Places with views you'll never be able to forget...

Instagram: @danilopezalegre

19. Places that all your Instagram followers will envy, you know?

Instagram: @tauromaco

20. Vacations should be about finding those places where you can sit quietly and enjoy the views.

Instagram: @mobegero

21. A place that screams "PEACE."

Instagram: @jomamikids

22. But Northern Spain? I just don't know, pal. What's so special about it?

Instagram: @juliabeltranp

23. It's all just so... toned down.

Instagram: @alexlaraphoto

26. So you get away from all the green, and... what else is there?

Instagram: @xavalpe

27. Are there even any cities that far up?

Instagram: @becaria

28. I see you're going to insist. How many days are you going away for?

Instagram: @igr1979

29. Because you're going to be bored to death. I'm pretty sure they don't even have wifi up there.

Instagram: @madridfeten

30. And I'll just be back here at my desk like, "I TOLD YOU SO".

Instagram: @wollys

31. You'll see. There's literally nowhere to even go out for a nice stroll.

Instagram: @soldenata

32. There's no place where you can be yourself... away from all the bullshit.

Instagram: @berto_photo

33. You're going to be even more stressed when you come back.

Instagram: @fiona_briand

34. And thinner, you know. With bags under your eyes. Like really bad.

Instagram: @iisa27

35. What are you going to eat there? It's not like they're known for their cuisine or anything.

Instagram: @andresmaleal

36. Fine. If I can't convince you, at least have one to my health while you're there.

Instagram: @turismoasturias

If you can even find a bar, that is.

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