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    Updated on Jul 27, 2018. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    13 Of The Worst Clichés About Women That You'll Find In Every Horror Movie

    If you're blonde and conventionally pretty, you'll probably die.

    1. So, first of all, if you're a female character in a horror movie and you're a blonde, there's a 99.9999% chance you will die.

    Dimension Films

    2. And if you aren't blonde but you show even the tiniest smidgen of your sexuality, you'll still die.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Damn, murderers are so sexist???

    3. As a female character, you'll also apparently decide to have sex at the worst possible time — and it ends up causing your downfall.

    Millennium / Lionsgate / Mainline Pictures / Leatherface Productions / Twisted Chainsaw Pictures

    4. If you want to survive a horror movie, you basically have to be a virgin or a total saint.

    Dimension Films

    5. And if you're not a virgin, try not to take too many showers while the most dangerous murderer in the country is running loose in the area, just FYI.

    Paramount Pictures

    6. You might be the lone voice of reason in your group of friends, but they won't listen to you.

    Columbia Pictures / Mandalay Entertainment

    7. When you're being chased in your home, you'll always run upstairs.

    Dimension Films

    Instead of, idk, out?

    8. While climbing those stairs, you will trip a billion times.

    Rogue Pictures / Vertigo Entertainment / Mandate Pictures / Intrepid Pictures

    Girls from horror movies don't know how to run, apparently.

    9. You'll also have a nagging feeling about that weird Victorian house your husband wanted to move into — but again, no one will listen to you.

    Warner Bros / New Line Cinema / Evergreen Media / The Safran Company

    In fact, everyone just starts to think you're the crazy one.

    10. You ask, "Is anyone there?" when you damn well know something creepy is lurking around.

    STX Entertainment

    11. If you're a mother, your children will most likely be possessed at some point in the film or another.

    Entertainment One / Causeway Films / Smoking Gun Productions

    12. And again: You'll notice that something's off, while everyone else in the family chalks it off to ~boys being boys~ or whatever.

    20th Century Fox

    13. So, to recap: You'll just be trying to live your life and have sex and do your thing, no one will listen to you until it's just waaaaay too late — and by then, you'll probably be dead already.

    PalmStar Entertainment / Windy Hill Pictures

    Thanks, horror movies.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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