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    The Ultimate Collection Of Creepy, Gross And Ghoulish Halloween Recipes

    People will talk about these spooky, disgusting Halloween meals and drinks long after the party is over.

    1. Severed Fingers


    Wiener Sausages with Ketchup and Onion

    2. Creepy Eyeballs


    Made from Eggs, Food Colouring and Mayo

    3. Baked Human Hand


    Meatloaf with Onions and Cheese

    4. Puff Pastry Intestines

    5. Mummy Meatloaf

    6. Frankenstein Dip


    Dip with Spinach and Artichoke

    7. "Sweet" Rat


    Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball

    8. Jell-O Blood Worms

    9. Dexter Blood Slide Suckers


    Made from Sugar and Corn Syrup

    10. Slasher Mask Ice Cream Cake

    11. Human Torso Appetizer

    12. Zombie Brain Cupcakes

    13. Monkey Brain Cake

    14. Cat Poop Fudge

    15. The "Alien Brain Hemorrhage" Cocktail

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    16. Scary Mask Salad

    17. Glow-in-the-Dark Cupcakes

    18. Medusa Ice Face and Hands Punch

    19. "Eyes" Cubes


    Use radishes and olives

    20. Blood Fondue

    21. Stuffed Roaches


    Dates with Cream Cheese

    22. Earwax on a Swab

    Via Flickr: saucydragonfly

    Mini marshmallows on lollipop sticks

    23. They’re-All-Gonna-Laugh-At-You Cake


    24. "Send in the Clowns" Cake


    25. Bento Rice Monster


    26. "Broken Glass" Cupcakes

    27. Shrunken Heads in Cider

    28. Black Bat Wings


    Chicken wings with black food colouring

    29. Worms in Dirt


    Hot dogs and black beans

    30. Bleeding Heart Martini

    31. Ladies' Fingers

    32. Jell-O Heart

    33. Tentacle Pot Pie

    34. Haunted Owl Pretzel


    35. Head Cake

    36. Bloody Eyeballs


    Chicken breasts with tomato sauce and olives

    37. Spinach Ricotta Skulls

    38. Severed Ears Cookies

    39. Googly Eye Donut Monsters

    40. Skull Cheeseball

    41. Black Widow Goat Cheese Log

    42. Pork Dumplings Served in Science-lab Beakers

    43. Worms in Dirt


    Hijiki Salad

    44. Monster Rice Cereal Treats

    45. Dead Man's Party

    46. Saucy Spider with Hairy Leg Sticks

    47. Witch’s Wicked Punch

    48. Pickled Brains

    49. Vampire Kiss Martini

    50. Spooky Worm and Spider Nests

    51. Medusa's Head

    52. Zombie Brains Jello Shots

    53. Evil Dead Necronomicon Pizza

    54. Dexter Cake

    55. Fruit Salad Vomiting Melon Witch

    56. Dracula's Dentures

    57. Severed Foot Meatloaf

    58. Zombie Minion Cake

    59. Mad Scientist Potion

    60. Worm Sandwich

    61. Sculpted Zombie Cake

    62. Spaghetti Yeti

    63. Severed Fondant Heads

    64. Monster Eggs

    65. Chili con Canine

    66. Jigsaw Cupcake

    67. Evil Clown Cake

    68. Bloody Cut Dessert

    69. Roast Tentacle Au Jus

    70. Cherry Possum Pie

    71. Toddler Toddy

    72. Hand-Burgers Dripping with Blood

    73. Spicy Skeleton Ribs

    74. Bleeding Heart Cake

    75. Body Parts Cupcakes