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The Story Of Bueller The French Bulldog

Bueller, the French bulldog was stolen at gunpoint from his owner early Friday. Through the use of Social Media and a concerned community, Bueller was found.

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McComber, 27, was walking Bueller toward Pinehurst Drive early Friday when a gray Honda Civic with two men inside pulled up the side of the road, deputies said.A man emerged from the car and asked McComber what kind of dog Bueller was. When McComber said he was a French bulldog, the man scooped up the dog while pointing a handgun at McComber, deputies said.The gunman jumped into the car with Bueller and drove off.After the robbery, McComber created a Facebook page and a Twitter account to spread the word of Bueller's disappearance.

Locals were angered--Who would steal a dog? And at gunpoint? Anger led to action as hundreds of instagram users shared the post, adding local hashtags to spread the word further. One volunteer made this flyer to help with the cause.

Even with all the social and media attention, everyone knew the odds of Bueller meeting his master again were slim. Dog owners, and especially French Bulldog owners like myself, were dismayed to learn that somebody could just take a dog from his master like that.

Everyone continued to do what they could by sharing and organizing...

....then something amazing happened

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