Robster Gets His Lobster, Internet Freaks Out

After Robert Mills got his lobster--thanks entirely to the internet--crybabys and whiners everywhere did everything in their power to drag him through the mud.

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OH NOES! ROBERT MILLS IS A DRUG USER?! I think anyone who knew the guy was from Northern California could have deduced that. But somethings not right here. Lets zoom in a little...

Oh, what's that? 1984? 28 years ago, Robert Mills got busted on drug charges.

One Question Gizmodo: Who Cares?

Robert Mills did drugs 28 years ago. Who didn't? It was the 80s. It was a wild time. Heck, most of us probably owe our own conception to the wonders of drugs. And maybe, just maybe, some lucky persons conception was thanks to the drugs Robert Mills had.

Anyway, nice try Gizmodo. I know it's hard to be a tech blog and a rumor blog at the same time, but at least try not to be hypocritical Nancy boys while you're at it.

and remember...

we are all Robert Mills

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