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    • BearDownForLife

      This is just for fun and to joke around about the experiences I had personally in college. If it doesn’t coincide with you’re experience, create your own. Also, fourth is fun but not my favorite hence it’s lack of presences on this list. If I was to mention fourth, I would discuss that I enjoy the Wreck, but it seems like the majority of you complainers are way older than me and wouldn’t even know what the Wreck is since it is on the newer side. Secondly, we beat Oregon last week so to the girl making “Go Ducks” comments, try again next time. Enjoy NOT going to the Rose Bowl this year… BEAR DOWN.

    • BearDownForLife

      let’c clear the air here downers…. 1. I’m a girl
      2. Graduated with honors in 4 years and did all of these activities
      3. Was hired right out of college and make a great living/substantially high income for someone straight out of college
      4. I had 4 amazing years, learned more than I ever thought I could, pushed myself through business courses and another major, tried new things, took classes of all kinds to explore new interests, was on ASUA, worked and interned all throughout college, was a leader in my sorority, and more.
      5. Those of us who went to school at the U of A all know there are thousands of amazing things Tucson/the U of A have to offer, these were just a few of mine I noted from my experience and my friends.
      6. If you’re a Wildcat posting negatively on this, please stop. Don’t hate on a fellow Arizona family member. This is a fun article, on a fun website filled with jokes. You don’t like it, I really don’t care. Make your own list, but don’t’ bash on mine. Thanks.
      7. If you arent a Wildcat yet posting negatively on this, get out.
      8. Bear Down.

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