12 Symptoms Of Senioritis

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We all have or will go through this high school disease. Here are some symptoms to determine if you or a loved one is diagnosed with senioritis:

1. ‘Due Tomorrow’ starts to become ‘Do Tomorrow’

2. When this is you all day

3. … and you all night

4. Instead of getting College Apps done, you’re out getting Late-Nite Half-Price Apps at TGI Fridays

5. You forget what the school bell is for

6. Placing your desks together to duel your friends becomes a spectator sport

7. 60 percent of the time, you’re in class every time

8. When the teacher asks for the homework you don’t have, you don’t make excuses; you just say ‘no’

9. Instead of reading the first 13 Chapters of your physics textbook, you watch the first 13 Chapters of Netflix’s House of Cards

10. You regularly tell your teacher that you have a headache so that you can take a comfortable nap at the nurse’s office during class

11. Study nights on Tuesday have become party nights on Tuesday; you have accepted the fact that there is no fun in studying

12. The practice fire drill is the highlight of your school day

But there is one known cure to senioritis: GRADUATION!

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