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Did You Know?

A bundle of facts about Cherry Trees, Chekhov, and his play The Cherry Orchard.

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George did NOT chop down a cherry tree


Despite the fable that many children are told to learn about the importance of being truthful, this story is entirely false. It was created by Mason Locke Weems in The Life of Washington in 1809.

He did what!?


After The Seagull received poor reception from audiences in 1896, Chekhov swore he would no longer write for the theatre. Ironically, it became popular two years later after its performance at The Moscow Art Theater.

"Literature was his mistress while medicine was his lawful wife"


Chekhov was primarily a physician! He studied medicine and became qualified in 1884. He often treated his patients for free. So, he lived off of the money he made from writing

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