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A Definitive Ranking Of The 10 Best Rides At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The park that perfectly combines thrill with nostalgia

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10. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

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The premise of the ride is controlling, or “flying,” a magic carpet, making it go up and down with a lever, while on a moving circular track. It’s basically the same ride as Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which is also in the park. But the atmosphere of The Magic Carpets of Aladdin surpasses that of Dumbo the Flying Elephant because of the spitting animatronic camel and the music of Agrabah (which is vastly superior to the circus tunes of Dumbo the Flying Elephant).

9. The Haunted Mansion

Greg Nutt / Via Flickr: imagineeringmyway

On this ride, get in a car on a moving track and travel around a spooky mansion. This ride is a lot of fun for what it is. The setting of the mansion was extremely well done and even while in line, you can experience the ghostly activities, such as a moving bookcase. The ride itself isn’t scary by any means, but it’s quirky and offers a different side of Disney that you won’t be able to recreate on any other ride.

8. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Walt Disney World / Via

If you’re a fan of friendly competition, then this is the ride for you. Once again, you are on a moving track with the ability to move your car in a circle, but that’s not all. You and the others in your car are instructed to shoot little laser guns at designated targets. The person in your car with the highest score, who hit the most targets, essentially wins (although no prizes are given). While this isn't an unusual concept, this ride is still an awesome time. It’s a change of pace from the other rides in the park and it’s always fun to add some competition to your day.

7. Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid

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One of Disney’s newer rides, Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid allows you to go “under the sea” and relive the tail of the classic movie The Little Mermaid. You enter a moving shell and move through the story of the movie and you actually feel like you’re in the scenes. You hear the music and see the characters from the film and you cannot help but to be completely entranced by what is in front of you.

6. Mickey's PhilharMagic

Walt Disney World / Via

This is a unique ride on the list because it is not a “ride,” but rather a 4-D film experience, meaning that in addition to a 3-D movie being played, various physical effects happen to the viewers, such as water or scent spraying out. Viewers follow Donald Duck as he moves through classic Disney movies, such as The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. It’s an experience unlike any other and well worth it.

5. Mad Tea Party

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Hop on a teacup and saucer and spin as fast as you can on this Alice in Wonderland inspired ride. This ride is great because it can be as thrilling or as tame as you’re willing to make it. If you don’t want to spin out of control, you don’t have to (but the floor will spin regardless). If you look around at other riders (if you’re not spinning too fast that is), you’ll be met with smiles all over. You can’t help but grin on this one.

4. Splash Mountain

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Splash Mountain is an incredibly popular ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The only reason that it is as low on the list as it is is because you get wet. Very wet. And while a cooling break from the Orlando heat is a welcome at times, the ride is nonetheless something one needs to be in the mood for. On this ride, you enter a log flume and ride around singing characters from the Disney movie Song of the South. And then, most famously, you drop down a five story waterfall. This ride is a great combination of thrill with the nostalgia of Disney movies.

3. Peter Pan's Flight

Walt Disney World / Via

This ride is simply a classic. It has the same premise as Under the Sea, but the nostalgia of it bumps it up on the list. You enter a flying ship and float above London and Neverland, witnessing the scenes and settings from the classic movie, Peter Pan. The ride is over 50 years old, but the feeling of flying is still incredibly realistic. It’s hard not to lean over your lap bar to see as much as you can on all sides of you.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Andreas Adelmann / Via Flickr: adelmann

This ride is a roller coaster that goes around and through the enormous mountain that you can see from most places in the park. It’s a lot of fun and one of the best roller coasters in all of the Disney parks. It’s not as thrilling as say, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it’s thrill level works. You feel the wind alongside you as you dash in and out of canyons and caves and it's a ton of fun.

1. Space Mountain

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The other main roller coaster at Magic Kingdom alongside Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain claims the number one spot because of its ingenious design and concept. The coaster is meant to be a rocket ship that shoots you into space. What you get is a roller coaster in completely darkness, where “stars” surround you. It is an unbelievably cool experience and a really, really fun ride and that’s why it tops the list.

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