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  • That Yoda Guy “Nick Maley” Creates The World’s Most Innovative Entertainment Expo

    FXpo is an entirely new form of movie exhibit that taps the private collections of famed entertainment professionals to display relics & behind the scene stories from some of the world’s most popular feature films. Props, creatures, models and more, will be presented in a dramatic new way, with interactive light, stereo sound and narrated by holograms. Add the faces of hundreds of movie stars, “how to” videos and advice from the pros on getting started in the entertainment industry and you have an attraction like never before. The project is the brainchild of creature effects wizard Nick Maley, best known for his contribution to the creation of Yoda for Star Wars and movies like the Superman and Highlander sagas. Nick’s associates were involved in hundreds of renowned movies, from Alien to Harry Potter and he brings them and their relics to this unique project.

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