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bbri7 9 hours ago
bbri7 19 hours ago

We Know What Kind Of Student You'll Be Based On The Thanksgiving Foods You Choose

Prep for your monster meal with a bit of studying, or maybe a lot!

bbri7 5 days ago
bbri7 8 days ago
bbri7 9 days ago
bbri7 10 days ago
bbri7 13 days ago
bbri7 13 days ago
bbri7 16 days ago
bbri7 16 days ago

We'll Guess Your Eye Color Based On The Cities You Want To Visit

"She has wanderlust in her eyes. You can see it from worlds away." -k.a.

bbri7 17 days ago

We'll Guess How Many Tattoos You Have Based On Your Fall Preferences

Do you have a full sleeve or are you more minimalist?

bbri7 17 days ago
bbri7 18 days ago

We'll Reveal Whether Winston Bishop Would Like You Based On The Soups You Choose

"Don't make it seem like a chore, okay? She is making ten or eleven soups." -Winston Bishop

bbri7 19 days ago
bbri7 20 days ago
bbri7 One month ago

This Breakfast Quiz Will Reveal Which Scent You Are

Fresh Laundry? Lavender? Eucalyptus?

bbri7 One month ago
bbri7 One month ago

Order Yourself Some Thai Food And We'll Give You A Color To Paint Your Nails

"I love nails. They give me energy." — Khloe Kardashian

bbri7 5 months ago