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10 More Struggles Of The Modern Day Raver

For the ravers who literally just can't anymore...

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1. You can't find your ID or ticket when you're in line


2. Your kandi breaks when you try to PLUR someone / Via


3. Your legs start to cramp up from dancing

4. That one friend in your group who completely goes wild


And you have to take care of him/her.

5. When ground control volunteers try to help you find your group


6. You manage to lose your phone/wallet/personal item in addition to that piece of clothing you already lost


7. And the line for lost and found doesn't help at all


8. One of your friends magically disappears... / Via

Only to pull a Houdini and show up 2+ hours later leaving your group like

9. You cry the entire week after the festival is over / Via

Stuffing your face with ice cream is optional.

10. Your bank account isn't ready for the next wave of festival tickets

Via <iframe src="// width="480" height="244" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=" GIPHY</a>

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