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    Seven Celebrities You’d Never Guess Were Video Game Stars

    They've graced our small screens and we've seen them at the theater. Yet, these celebrities also popped up in our favorite video games. While some connections leave us scratching our heads, it proves that in the end, even famous people love gaming.

    1. Cara Delevingne: GTA V

    BBC / Via

    She’s a supermodel-turned-actress, which should have tipped us off to the fact that Delevingne can multitask like a pro. Yet, when she appeared in Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, many missed the cameo. While Rockstar Games has made it a practice to incorporate Hollywood superstars into its releases, this was one that relatively flew under the radar. Look closely, however and you’ll see Delevingne as the on-air host for the fictional radio series “Non Stop Pop FM” in GTA V. She went on to star on the big screen, most notably in “Suicide Squad” so this is a chance to see her before she hit the big time.

    2. Phil Collins: GTA - Vice City Stories

    Terry O'neill / Getty Images / Via

    Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? We can thank Grand Theft Auto for bringing us another gem, this time in the form of 80’s soft rock superstar Phil Collins. Though he might not the the first musician you’d expect to find here, he’s highlighted on full display. In fact, in his turn on “Vice City Stories,” Collins is the first celebrity to ever play himself in the series. The premise? He’s (naturally) a famous singer with a manager who owes major money to some crime bosses. You’re the one who has to fend them off so he can finish his set. Have a few in-game dollars to spare? For $6,000 of them, you can hear Collins belt “In the Air Tonight!”

    3. Drew Carey: The Sims - House Party

    Sirius XM / Via

    You know your mission the second you look at the title. Yes, you’re responsible for throwing an incredible house party in this game, and you need a little help along the way. In this case, if you succeed in your mission, your reward is a visit from Drew Carey himself. The television star will make a cameo if your house party lasts for longer than 135 minutes. You’ll also have to prove its worth by scoring a “party score” of 55 or higher. Meet all those metrics and a limo will pull up, carrying everyone’s favorite bespeckled comedian. No, you won’t be able to control him, but you can admire him from afar.

    4. Snoop Dogg: True Crime - Streets of L.A.

    Fan World / Via

    Before he hosted a cooking show with Martha Stewart and made a name for himself in the comedy sphere, Snoop Dogg was a rapper, and a pretty hardcore one at that. Thus, it comes as little surprise that in his turn on True Crime - Streets of L.A. he plays a crimefighter who patrols the street looking for, and subsequently taking out, the bad guys. Just how do you summon him, you ask? That’s simple. Collect at least 30 dogg bones strategically hidden throughout the game. From there, you’ll have one hour to solve as many crimes as possible, earning “Big Dogg” status when you crack at least 55.

    5. Ariana Grande: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    E! Online

    Anyone who’s ever dreamed of rocking a high ponytail as well as Grande can rejoice in the fact that with this series, she’s not only a character, but a playable one at that. The free-to-play mobile title took a surprising turn with this casting, as the franchise isn’t usually linked with celebrity appearances. Yet, don’t go looking for her by name, as she’s labeled as simply “a beautiful singer” who is from “a different world.” Once you see her, though, you know immediately who she is, as she’s rocking the bunny mask from her Dangerous Woman” music video. A powerful force to be reckoned with, she’s every bit as feisty as her reputation.

    6. Matthew Perry: Fallout - New Vegas

    Marie Claire / Via

    Could he BE more perfect in this role? Everyone’s favorite Friend next door, Perry is actually an avid video game fan. In fact, while making the media tour rounds to promote his film “17 Again,” he noted that he played his favorite game, Fallout 3, for so long while on set that he needed injections to regain full mobility in his hand after using his video game accessories for too long. Talk about dedication! From there, those at the helm of Fallout production took notice, casting Perry in the “New Vegas” series franchise. Here, he plays a major character named Benny. While the performance got mixed reviews from fans, it’s safe to say this was a major check off Perry’s bucket list.

    7. Steve Carell: Outlaw Golf

    ET Online / Via

    Before hitting it big in hits like “The Office” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” Carell lent his voice to this game in the early 2000s “Outlaw Sports” series released by the Hypnotix development team. Here, he’s the play-by-play announcer. It may seem difficult to inject too much crassness into the sport of golf, but the characters in this game manage to do so. While it’s not exactly demonstrative of Carell’s comedic chops or his talent, we all have to start somewhere. By the time Outlaw Golf 2 came around, he was already onto bigger and better gigs.

    The next time you pick up the controller and settle in with your snacks, keep your eyes peeled. You may see a few of your favorite superstars making a cameo!

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