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9 Most Annoying Things About Flaky People

We've all got that flaky friend... and if you don't, then sorry to break it to you, but it's YOU.

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1. They absolutely do not think they’re flaky, they're just waaaay busier than everyone else


Newsflash: We're all busy.

2. They’re genuinely shocked when someone pulls them up on being a crappy mate.


3. They actually believe that they’re not going to cancel on you when you make plans.

4. You absolutely know that they’re going to cancel on you when you make plans.

5. When they do come along to something, they make a real song and dance about it.

6. They have no idea that everyone thinks they're flaky.

7. When you bring up their flakiness, they get defensive and change the subject.


8. You can set your clock by them cancelling.


You can guarantee they give you just enough notice so technically they haven't stood you up, but it's too short notice to arrange something with anyone else. Cheers chum.

9. They never answer their phone.


One day, when something really awesome actually does happen, you'll miss it and then you'll feel left out forever.