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16 Signs You Watched Too Much TV As A Kid In The 90s

Sure, everyone watched TV as a kid. But for some of us, it's still everywhere we look.

1. Anytime you see Noel Edmonds you're wondering when he's going to gunge someone

2. Mashed potatoes will forever remind you of Bodger & Badger

3. Any time you see Philip Schofield you wonder where Gordon the Gopher is

4. You miss having 3 hours of Live & Kicking to watch every Saturday morning

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5. You still dream of being a contestant on Fun House

And Pat Sharp will forever have a huge blonde mullet, if only in your heart.

6. You still have dreams of getting your own Blue Peter badge

If only we'd ever done anything worthy of one. :'(

7. And having your art shown on Art Attack

"Try it yourself."

8. You yearn for Bernard's Watch whenever you're busy

9. And dream of being able to turn into a dog like the kid in Woof

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10. You will never accept any version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles other than these guys

11. You can't see a moustache without mentally saying, "To me!" "To you!"

12. Your dream man is still Zack Morris

13. Any time you hear the words 'Round The Twist' you immediately get this song stuck in your head

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14. You rub every 50p you find in the hope of getting a wish

15. You can't hear Tom Jones without thinking about Carlton Banks dancing to it

16. Finally, you STILL have nightmares about The Demon Headmaster

Whatever you do, don't look into his eyes!