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13 Ways To Be The Best/Worst Teacher In The World

Being a school teacher is a hard job. Thankfully we have some tips for you from Alfie Wickers, who does quite a good job despite his shortcomings. Watch Mr. Wickers in action in all-new episodes of BBC Three's Bad Education.

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1. Defend your creative teaching style.

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2. Show off your best dance moves at every opportunity.

3. Remind students of the importance of including everyone.

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4. Don't be afraid to admit you don't have all the answers.

5. And set an example by asking the questions on everyone's minds.

6. Know the importance of nap time.

7. And movie time.

8. Rally the troops with gusto when needed.

9. Consider all possibilities.

10. Stand up for your students.

11. Question authority.

12. Do your best to understand the youth of today.

13. And never hesitate to take one for the team.

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