10 Things We Learnt From Paramore At Reading Festival 2014

Want to learn even more? Watch their full set here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e65q2m

1. 1. Hayley totally fangirls QOTSA

Even the coolest artists get starstruck and Hayley had a moment when she realised they were headlining alongside Josh Homme and co.

2. 2. Jeremy & Taylor have their dance routine DOWN!

Who said synchronised dance routines were just for boybands?!

3. 3. Hayley Williams will ALWAYS have cooler hair than you..

..and me and every human in existence..

4. 4. Hayley really digs dinosaurs

And obviously dinosaurs dig her right back!

5. 5. This is the golden microphone!

The golden microphone has seen a lot of places and done a lot of things… but it doesn’t always work…

6. 6. You can cut their power, but you can’t cut their professionalism

What’s that? We have no power? It’s cool, we’ll just chill on the edge of the stage and do it acoustic instead!

7. 7. Their fan base is more diverse than you think

8. 8. Hayley is great pals with our very own Jen Long

Well… she let her take a photo with her anyway…

(10 points for the photobomb Greg!)

9. 9. Even rock stars get cold

Luckily Hayley has her own personal coat provider on hand!

10. 10. Hayley Williams is a badass

And we don’t need to justify this to anyone, k?

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