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14 Things You Need To Know Before The Next Episode Of "Orphan Black"

The new scifi clone thriller Orphan Black is full of intrigue and close calls—and you don't want to miss a thing. Especially not this exclusive clip from the second episode, which airs April 6 at 9/8c as part of Supernatural Saturday on BBC America.

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1. On a subway platform, a troubled Sarah encounters a girl with a striking resemblance.

But their acquaintance is short-lived.

2. She grabs a drink with Felix, until it's interrupted by a phone call.

3. Ignoring Art's call, Sarah goes to check out Beth's house.

4. Why not become her?

Clones: quite possibly the most convenient identity theft.

5. This: not convenient.

Don't get in cars with strangers.

Unless you don't have a choice.

6. She meets Art.

And she can guess where she's going.

7. Felix identifies Beth's body.

Though his eyes might've deceived him.

8. Sarah learns a bit too much about her clone.

After being brought in, Sarah devises a way out.

It works.

9. But Beth's boyfriend is home early to greet her.

10. Fortunately she doesn't have to take the train to run some "errands."

Like, you know, making a quick bank withdrawal.

11. She's late for her own funeral. Apparently.

12. She secretly attends.

She sees everyone she'd expected to attend...

Except for one.

Shaken, she decides to leave.

13. Until...


But their acquaintance is, once again, short-lived.

14. What happens next?

Check out this exclusive clip from the next episode of Orphan Black:

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Find out what happens next on the second episode of Orphan Black, airing April 6 at 9/8c as part of Supernatural Saturday on BBC America.