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13 Signs You’re The Conspiracy Theorist In Your Group Of Friends

Hard Sun is a brand-new pre-apocalyptic crime drama set in modern London. Starring Agyness Deyn and Jim Sturgess as two cops who stumble on proof the world is ending, it's the perfect box set for conspiracy fans.

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1. You are constantly in incognito mode, have tape over your webcams, and will never use public Wi-Fi.

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2. You have spelunked an abandoned building.

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3. You don’t trust your next-door neighbour (because they are obviously some kind of murderer).

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4. You think flat-Earthers have a legitimate point.

5. You have gone embarrassingly deep in your research to verify a conspiracy you read online.

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6. You have a plan in place, in the case you...“disappear”.

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7. You’ve visited a conspiracy destination IRL.

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8. You are done arguing about the Illuminati because the question is not whether they're real. The question is: What are they planning?

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9. You have literally sketched out a diagram when explaining something to a friend that they could not grasp.

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10. You have your own extremely complex theory about who the Zodiac Killer is…

11. ...and you’ve posted that theory in an online forum.

12. You own several crystals, none of which are “decorative”.


13. You’re actually a little disappointed that the world didn’t end in 2012.

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