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Battle Of The Poltical Daddies

Politics? oh, my favorite subject.

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Justin Trudeau Vs Joe Biden

Teen Vogue / Via

As these photos of young Justin Trudeau surface the internet, they've got people reminiscing of when young Joe Biden made his debut. And honestly, we can't tell who's hotter.

On one hand, we have Joe Biden, who'd share his class notes with you and buy you flowers just because. The man your mom DEFINITELY wants you to end up with.

We'd even completely forget the whole, "wait 5 minutes before texting back" rule.

Then, we have Justin Trudeau... the guy you met at summer camp, who will probably try to convince you he's not like every other guy. But we want him soOoOoo bad!!!!!!

Not only are we accepting of the fact he most likely has 3 girlfriends, but we are also ok with him hitting us with a truck. #blessed

Whether you are #TeamTrudeau or #TeamBiden, you can't deny that picking between these two political daddies is hella stressful.

So, we just won't be picky! if anyone knows where we can find doppelgängers of these men...

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