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12 Struggles Of Being Arab

No, I don't have a farm full of lambs.

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1. When people ask, "so, do you like speak Muslim?"

2. Going to your 9 a.m. class smelling like onions because your mom starts cooking dinner before the sun comes up.

3. You always get "randomly" selected at the airports. / Via

Like, I really ain't trynna start no problems... I just wanna get home to my cat.

4. The topic of marriage comes up all the time.

5. Then your parents bring up a family friend from back home that's looking to get married... but also needs a green card???


6. You always got made fun of for literally being the hairiest person ever.


I have a great personality though.

7. There is no such thing as "dieting" when knafe is regularly available.

8. But, I mean honestly, who would even want to be on a diet when our food is thaaat good?!



9. Your parents scream into the phone when they're talking to relatives overseas. / Via

They never fail to do this when you have a friend over. Like, baba please stop yelling in Arabic or Megan is never going to come over again.

10. Don't ever count on anyone being able to pronounce your name correctly. / Via

I sincerely apologize my mother didn't name me Ashley.

11. Then you have this...

mama, I wallah I had no idea this was part of the movie!!!!

mama, I wallah I had no idea this was part of the movie!!!!

12. And, of course, when your mom says "Inshallah" we all know that means...

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