Bazooka Harwell
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    • Bazooka Harwell

      Some people say swearing is used by the less intelligent who do not have the vocabulary to articulate what they truly mean. However, I want to expand upon that and address the word “communist” instead of “fucking.” What do you mean by communist? If “communist” applies to those who support universal background checks, does that mean that over ninety-percent of Americans are communist? If so, how right-wing do you have to be to lose that title? Although I suppose all that is irrelevant to the conversation; ad hominem arguments are empty and do nothing to further the conversation about gun control vs. gun rights.  I haven’t said anything about my stance on gun control vs. gun regulation, I just wanted to tell you not to leave immature insulting comments devoid of any constructive material, fucking loser arch-conservative without a clue. Much love.

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