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BaylorIC Worldwide Television News BaylorIC Worldwide -TV is an independent entertainment television and media station which focuses on presenting progressive, positive, and innovative programming bringing the world closer to you.
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  • Join Us “Making LOVE Happen ” Virtual Roundtable March 13th 2014

    “Making Love Happen” Virtual Roundtable March 13th 2014 Every single one of us comes to the relationship table with a set of beliefs, mindsets and past experiences that determine whether we will have a thriving marriage or relationship or whether we will fail. If you want positive and enduring relationships, you must be willing to examine those beliefs and break the patterns that hinder real love. On March 13, 2014 at 7:30pm EST, join us for the Making Love Happen Virtual Roundtable, hosted by my esteemed friend and colleague, Dr. Towanna Freeman. As a special guest in this fun and spicy discussion, we’ll discuss the keys to long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. Join us: No matter what the circumstance or situation, you deserve to #love and be loved again. We’ll show you how during the Making Love Happen Virtual Roundtable. 5 Love Experts sharing the REAL truth about how to have a great relationship on purpose. If you’re looking to create an intimate, honorable relationship with someone who adores and loves you for you, then you don’t want to miss this. CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO

  • Grenada Teen Summit

    Grenada Teen Summit Trailer Teen Summit is brought to you from the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada known as the “Spice Island” which also celebrates it 40th year of Independence. Grenada Teen Summit Youth gather to empower and become empowered through discussions of everyday issues that impact their population. Through candid and facilitated dialogue, a safe zone and platform is provided to help them proactively address these issues from a peer-to-peer focus group creating social awareness and help deter counter-productive behaviours, while inspiring the teen viewers.

  • BaylorIC Worldwide Television Auditions “GRENADA” 2013 HD

    Please watch in HD Highlights of the BaylorIC Worldwide Television Auditions which took place in Grenada, West Indies 2013. Auditions include: Rickol Julien (Presenter) interviewing Sherry Hamlet “Insomnia” Spoken Word written by Sherry Hamlet BaylorIC Worldwide Television “Chat Show” Presented by Judd Cadet/Sherry Hamlet Special Guests Kimon Sandy as “Spice Man” “Saving Grace” by Cemal Copeland “Pornography” Comedy Sketch Written and performed by Kimon Sandy. Sherry Hamlet plays as the role as girlfriend For audition opportunities please email

  • Lexan Fletcher interviews Founder of BaylorIC Worldwide TV Ingram Jones

    Lexan Fletcher interviews Founder of BaylorIC Worldwide TV Ingram Jones An Interview with the Founder of BaylorIC Worldwide TV Ingram Jones is a guest on Lexan Fletcher’s “Chit Chat Show” Mid Morning Live T.V Show live from the Spice Island of Grenada, in the Caribbean General Lifestyle show with great features and interviews to educate and inspire. In this episode Lexan Interviews Ingram Jones as he talks about his battle and overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, his life as a cricket coach and his love for boxing and hosting “Inside Story” BaylorlC Worldwide (BaylorlC-TV) brand, an independent online entertainment television and media outlet which focuses on presenting progressive and innovative programming bringing the world closer to you.

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