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9 Moments Of Absolute Style Perfection All Girls Understand

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1. When you put your hair up without looking, and it turns out PERFECTLY.

BuzzFeed Violet /

"Am I a god? AM I?"

2. When you snag a wild pair of shades on a whim and get ALL THE COMPLIMENTS.

blushforbeautyxx, (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

This is your moment, weird face shape. This is your moment.

3. When you draw a perfectly even winged eyeliner on the first freaking try.


4. When you cover up a blemish, and it DISAPPEARS.

VICKYLOGAN, (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

Not less noticeable — INVISIBLE.

5. When you take the time to blow out your hair, and the weather is dry and not humid.

puhhha / Thinkstock

No time for rain no how.

6. When you try an accent nail on your dominant hand and have it come out OK!

Simple Nail Art Designs, / Via

Like, obviously not as good as the other hand, but OK!

7. When you wake up late, but still walk out the door perfectly made up.

funnyBeanTV, / Via

Living your best life.

8. When you drape your scarf so it's the perfect intersection of warm AND stylish.

Oleg Gekman / Thinkstock

All up, on, and around fleek.

9. And the ultimate get: when you paint your nails then accidentally touch something, but your nails remain unsmudged!

Thinkstock / Emily Steele

Wield your impressive powers with caution.

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