Which "Baby Daddy" Character Are You?

It’s amazing how the unexpected can take your life and change direction!

    1. Love them!
    2. Hate them!
    3. They’re alright, I guess
    4. They’re adorable from a distance
    5. I think I’d like a couple in the very distant future
    6. I have such mixed feelings
    1. Basketball
    2. Football
    3. Soccer
    4. Baseball
    5. Hockey
    6. I’m not really into sports/My favorite isn’t here
    1. Dead of Summer
    2. Switched at Birth
    3. The Fosters
    1. Pretty Little Liars
    2. Young & Hungry
    3. Shadowhunters
    1. Red
    2. Orange
    3. Yellow
    1. Green
    2. Blue
    3. Purple

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