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DIY: Which Disney Princess Are You?

So, listen, I have been trying for months to make an actual personality quiz but it won't take my images so... you decide who are are. If you answer the things listed, that's you.

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Snow White

-you trust strangers

-you're super good at making friends

-you're cute

-everyone loves you and when people to hate you, it's because you're too pretty

-even if you were a princess, you'd still serve your step-mother

-you love listening to music and dancing

-you're young at heart


-you're "boyish"

-you'll do anything for your family

-"girly" isn't really your thing

-you believe in life after death

-you're the strongest of all your friends

-you're the only girl in your friend group even if they don't know it

-you find what's on the inside sexiest


-you're a proud single

-you love your family

-your little brothers are huge pains in the ass

-your heart is huge

-you love the bigger, fuzzier creature

-you're a crazy teenager forever

-you're adventurous


-family devoted

-you know that beauty is skin deep

-you're great at making friends

-you despise conceded people more than anything

-you're a diehard feminist

-you can see past insecurities and anger

-you can rock yellow


-you love adventure

-you're a bit naive

-you're an artist

-you're great at doing chores

-your mom had you older and he is SUCH a hard-ass

-you love the guys with a rough shell and mushy inside... like a turtle

-you love to go out and play


-you know that shoes are a girl's best friend

-your a pushover

-your family sucks

-you love animals

-you are great at cleaning

-you have a strict curfew

-you love sleep


-you're artsy

-listening to your dad is a drag

-you love your potential worst enemy

-you love the outdoors

-you know life doesn't always come with happy endings

-you're great with animals

-you know how to get inside information on what'll happen next


-you have a big heart

-you love animals

-you don't judge a book by it's cover

-money never matters to you

-you hate the idea of being locked up

-you're crazy adventurous

-you'll do anything for love


-you're determined

-you get what you want

-you follow your dreams

-you always listen to your parents

-you're ahead of your time

-you can cook up a storm

-amphibians don't disgust you


-you love animals

-you forest berries

-you have look up to a minimum of three women

-you're super lucky

-you dream about falling in love

-you grew up far away from civilization

-you believe in dreams coming true


-you're the youngest in your family

-you'll do anything for love

-no matter how many people look out for you, you still make wrong choices

-you don't like listening to your dad

-you're more of an introvert but you love exploring places you don't know

-no matter how much you fight, you love your family

-you're a great swimmer


-your a bit quirky

-you don't go out that often

-you love playing in the snow

-you trust any guy who says they love you

-your extremely close with your sister but you defiantly weren't as kids

-big noses don't turn you off...

-your very musical

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