Students Rally Against Protesting Parents To Support Allies Club And School Levy

Students at Elyria High School rally together before school to show support for the new sexual acceptance club.

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Elyria High Students Rally against Protesting Parents. / Via

Elyria High School has students that not only have opinions about contorversial subjects but have the will to show it. Early this morning kids gathered in support for the newest club "The Allies Club", which let's students of all sexual lifestyles gather and talk about themselves. Parents of some students at the school protested earlier in the week after the clubs annoucement. The parents posted on both Twitter and Facebook protesting the new club and threatening to vote no on "Issue 2" to get rid of the club. "Issue 2" is a levy that allows the city to give more money to the extracurricular activities in the school. If the levy were to fail clubs like drama, band, social clubs ( like The Allies) lose funding and might be in danger of making cuts.

Due to these accusations by the parents the students came together on Twitter through the help of Will Simons to create the idea of the rally. Through the spread of tweets and emails all the students rallied at the school this morning. News groups such as the The Chronical Telegram, 19 Action News, Channel 5 News, Channel 3 News should up to broadcast the kids effort.

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