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    • bartb3

      I must respectfully disagree. You’re mistaken about what the founding fathers couldn’t predict. They were fairly clear (especially if you read their writing in other papers such as The Federalist Papers) that the founders truly and completely believed that an armed citizenry was absolutely necessary in order to keep those with power (the government) from overstepping their bounds. That is clear… And to think they were not smart enough to conclude from the advancement of weaponry up to their day, that there wouldn’t be advancements in the future is ludicrous!Ionce read an article written in the 1700s where they talked about “modern times” and the rate of advancing knowledge was too great for anyone to keep up with. Heck, look at the advancements that just Benjamin Franklin came up with. They knew weapons would advance. Some could say that, because they didn’t mentionalimit on what weapons the people hadaright to is an indication that they felt there were no limits. And that “speculation” is no more outrageous than to speculate that they only intended for the citizenry to to be limited to muskets because they didn’t say otherwise.  What the founders couldn’t predict wasacitizenry where people would be so immoral that they would do something like shoot upaschool, and that we would not hold each other accountable. They could not believe that the people would take the freedom they fought so hard for, and give it back to the government in exchange for “safety”. Again, if you read and know history then you know this to be true. But, maybe they did know the potential for problems in this area because more than one of the founders warned that “Our form of government would only work withamoral people” and that Freedom to self-govern requiredastrong moral compass and self control. They recognized that societies must be governed, either via individual self control, or through the tyranny ofaheavy handed government. It seems “the people” of today preferaheavy handed government. Sad!

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