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5 Things Single People Should Do On Valentines Day

Valentines day is a chance for those in a relationship to show how much they love each other (pass the sick bucket) but what about the millions of single people in the world! Well here are 5 things that those that are single should do on Valentines day to take advantage of only having to worry about your own happiness. This guide shows why singles may be the lucky ones on valentines day....

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1. Dine In For 2 (FOR 1)

So everywhere you look it seems deals are being advertised for a dine in meal for 2 consisting of about 8 courses and a bottle of french champagne for the price of a microwavable meal for 1 but who says you have to miss out just because you don't have a partner! Treat yourself and you have the benefit of being able to eat & drink as much as you can while in your pyjamas and you get to really enjoy your meal as you do not have to worry about having your partner stare at that caper that has been stuck in your teeth all night or have to suffer the discomfort of having to suck in your food belly for the rest of the evening!


Okay so you may have to pay more for single occupancy if you decide to get away on valentines day and spend time enjoying your own company but surely it is worth paying a little extra money for your own space? Can you really put a price on not having someone snoring in your ear during the night, waking up next to you with their death breath or leaving their dirty socks lying about the room or god forbid waking in the morning to find a little present waiting for you in the toilet bowl!


Yes the cinema may be full of touchy feely couples staring into each others eyes on valentines day but going on your own does come with its benefits. Firstly as you have no one else to please you can pick whatever film your mood dictates which means you avoid the painful compromise that sees couples looking for that oh so rare film involving a musical romantic love story with guns, car chases and aliens! Also you can decide to sit wherever you please unlike couples who you will see standing for 10 minutes when they first enter the theater having an intense life or death debate on where to sit! Possibly the biggest benefit of all is you get to have popcorn all to yourself, you will not need to suffer every partners nightmare of grubby hands coming from nowhere to shovel some of it into their mouth while the majority of it ends up on the floor!


We all know buying your partner gifts is a big part of valentines day but why should you as a single person miss out! The money you save on not having to buy a card, teddy bear & heart shaped box of chocolates etc for someone can be spent on yourself. This is the perfect day to get yourself to the shops or to go online and indulge in some retail therapy and the great thing is you will not need to join the queues of people lining up outside shopping centres on February 15th to return the crap they have been given!

5. GYM

Now the great thing about going to the gym on valentines day is that it should be full of other single people because surely if your in a relationship and are in the gym on valentines day you love yourself more than you do your partner! Get yourself down the gym, get a sweat on and release those endorphins that will have you feeling good about yourself on valentines day. There is also always a chance that while you are in the gym sculpting your body you hit it off with a fellow single person and next year you too will be part of a couple on valentines day.........Now isn't that something to look forward too!!!!

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