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Was This 'Game Of Thrones' Parallelism Intended?

And if it was, what does it mean? *SPOILER WARNING*

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So, The Battle of the Bastards happened last Sunday. What a wild ride that it was ― we cried and we suffered and we gasped and we rejoiced and now we're ready for the season finale (kinda. You're never really ready, come on, let's be honest). But in the aftermath of the battle, when the episode is over and you think back about it, there's one detail that really stands out. This shot right here.

This right here is our dearest Jon Snow coming back to light (quite literally) after his comrades threatened to crush him trying to resist the Bolton army. For a second, it seemed like Jon had given up fighting, like he had decided he wasn't going to make it. Then something snaps, and he crawls his way out, just in time for Sansa to be all Gandalf-like and bringing the Rohirr― I meant the knights of the Vale down on Ramsay.

And is it just me, or does this particular shot echo this other one a lot?

This is the final scene of the season three finale, 'Mhysa', after Daenerys has freed Meereen. And even Kit Harington has seen that the two shots are really similar to each other. In a BTS interview about episode 6x09, he says, 'He just slows down, and he's lying on the ground, and starts thinking of finding peace for a moment. And then something drives him to fight out. And that moment when he frees himself and gasps for breath, he's like he's reborn again, which I found weirdly reflecting of the moment when Dany was being held up at the end of season three.'

Now, it might just be a cool parallelism, but come on, this is Game Of Thrones. Nothing is coincidental. And so, might it be a sign that the endgame of the story is nearing, and that the 'ice' and the 'fire' are really meant to stand together against the White Walkers? That they both are mythical figures, Azor Ahai or the Prince Who Was Promised? Or that after all this time, R+L really means J?

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it because I'm desperate for more Westeros. Could be. What did you think?

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