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    Posted on Sep 5, 2013

    12 Most Annoying Types Of Facebook Posts.

    There are some people that make me curse the day Mark Zuckerburg was ever born with the things they post! Of course when I do these things, it's okay. Just not when everyone else does, that's different.

    1. E-Activists

    Some people use Facebook to "protest" whatever it is they find horrible with the world. There is nothing wrong with posting stories about things that interest you, or world events. But dedicating your page to it will not stop the issue at hand as much as actual real life activism might...

    2. The Pity Party

    Nobody wants to hear about your constant over dramatic updates about how everything in your life is so awful. You are only posting so everyone will say how sorry they feel for you!

    3. p30Pl3 wH0 tYp3 Lik3 tHi$

    It's one thing to say "LOL" or "omg" as abbreviations, but typing like that seems like way more trouble than it's worth, and is harder to decipher than hieroglyphics.

    4. Sappy Relationship Posts

    We are all thrilled that you found someone, but we do not need repeated posts & pictures stating such over & over. Express your love where no one else has to see it!

    5. Nobody Likes a Bragger!

    You got a promotion? Awesome! Won the lottery? Way to go! Received a scholarship? Cool Beans! However if every post you make is about your oh so grand & fabulous life, then you are kind of a dick...and not the good kind.

    6. KIDS

    Nobody cares about your dumb kids but you! So Little Timmy lost another tooth, does it really need it's own album? I precious! <3

    7. STAN WARS

    A "stan" is basically a super fan of a musician that is over the top obsessed with any and everything about that artist. Many of them take to Facebook to praise any any and everything their favorite artist does,forbid ANY kind of humor that may make fun of said artist or ANY comments that may go against or criticize them. They also spend a great deal of time hating on any other artist. Some of the artists with such extremist fan bases include Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson.

    8. Attention Whores

    Much like the pity party posters (say that three times fast) ...these people will post about their depressing lives. Except despite posting all about it for everyone to see, they do not want anyone to ask them about it because they allegedly "don't want to talk about it"

    9. Game Addicts


    ....unless you are giving me lives for candy crush...that's different...

    10. Praise Him Posts

    There is nothing wrong with loving the Lord...or Allah or Buddah, or whatever it is you praise. However, not everyone wants constant Bible Verses & "Jesus Loves You" posts, especially when we know how you really are outside of Facebook!

    11. #Hashtags

    Even now that hashtags actually work on Facebook. It does not make them less annoying. Especially when you #type #like #this

    12. Bandwagoners

    For those not creative enough to come up with their own personal annoying "thing", they just post about whatever everyone else is & pretend to care. Remember Kony? Exactly.

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