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The 5 Best Healthy Autumn Desserts

These 10 recipes are absolutely perfect for fall. Brew a pot of apple spiced tea, grab that chunky cable-knit blanket and dive into one of these healthy fall desserts. They taste like holiday indulgence but each recipe is trickily healthy for you; so basically these are all the ideal recipes to offset those Halloween candies you just can't resist. With these delectable options, you can venture outside the familiar pumpkin spice treats and embrace new flavor combinations like apple with chocolate, and pumpkin with coconut. Better yet, indulging in one of these treats won't make you fall off your fall fitness routine. Get your fall workout wardrobe ready and hit the gym or find movement outdoors: go apple picking, find a fall fun run, carve those pumpkins and stay fit and nourished with these tasty recipes.

barrefood 5 months ago

Top 10 EASY Plant-Based Desserts

If you're intimidated by most magazine or IG-worthy plant-based recipes, then you need to check out this list. These plant-based desserts are surprisingly easy to make with few ingrdients, beautiful and simple. You can eat clean and eat your cake, too!

barrefood 6 months ago

6 Ways To Pack In Extra Probiotics

Yes we know that probiotics are in yogurt, kombucha, pickled veggies and even "live" protein bars on the shelves of pretty much any grocery store. Probiotics are naturally in, or added into many types of food, but that's not where your journey to a healthier microbiome ends. Here's 6 more ways you can get creative with putting probiotics on (and therefore into) your skin, not just on your plate!

barrefood 11 months ago

Top 5 Turmeric Treats

Turmeric has been a hot food ingredient recently, thanks to its scientifically-proven anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidants and boosting of brain function. "Golden" beverages made with turmeric and plant-based milk are all over social media, and turmeric has been making its way into desserts as well. Forget the standard savory dishes; you can now get a boost from turmeric in a brownie or cake, making it a bit healthier than your traditional sweet treat. These recipes are all plant-based, and feature turmeric in a new and innovating way.

barrefood 11 months ago