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8 Ways The Nook Is The Perfect Gift To Give This Year

Start your holiday shopping early this year, and #GiveNOOK to that special someone!

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1. It's got Night Mode so you can read in bed without turning on the lights.

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You can either manually adjust or set to auto-adjust so it will automatically mimic the sun's natural development over the course of the day.

2. The page-turning buttons make flipping pages super easy, especially if you're holding it with one hand.

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This also allows you to access your books quicker. You can jump chapters with a couple clicks or do a fast-flip by holding down buttons.

3. Vaca plans? There's no sun glare to be found here, so you can read on the beach with all the ease in the world!

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This is thanks to NOOK's most advanced technology yet, the Ambient (Always-On) GlowLight illumination.

4. The GlowLight 3 also has the highest resolution of all the NOOKs, which gives you crisper, cleaner contrast.

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The screen is also fingerprint- and scratch-resistant! Meeeeeow.

5. There's tons of storage space, which allows you to carry around thousands of books and not break your wrists while doing so.

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This means you have a whopping 8GB of storage space! You can easily shop for books to add your personal library with the NOOK's built-in wi-fi.

6. One full battery charge will get you up to 50 days of reading, so no need to stress if you forget your charger on trips.

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That's right, 50 days on one charge! Hello, road trips!

7. The soft-touch grip surface makes it incredibly comfortable to hold....almost more comfortable than holding your BFF's hand.

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It's 5" wide and 6.93" long aka perfect for the palm of your hand. UP TOP! ✋

8. And finally, you — errr, your "friend" who you're buying this for — will get four free newspapers and magazines with the purchase!

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Here are the details: Customers receive four free issues of The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and USA TODAY with the purchase of a device. There's also a daily selection of free book excerpts and upcoming sneak peeks of new releases.

Make your special honey's holiday ~extra~ special this year when you #GiveNOOK for only $119.99!

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