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17 Tweets That Show How Enraged The Internet Is Over Halifax's Taxi Sexual Assault Case

Because "clearly, a drunk can consent."

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Last week, Judge Gregory Lenehan found Bassam Al-Rawi not guilty of sexual assault in Halifax. Al-Rawi was caught by a police officer in his taxi cab with his pants unbuttoned while his passenger was passed out in the back seat and naked from the waist down. Judge Lenehan’s decision was founded on the complainant's inability to prove that she didn't provide consent to sexual activity. In his words, "clearly, a drunk can consent."

These Twitter users shared their disbelief.

"Clearly a drunk can consent." - #JudgeLenehan She had urinated on herself. She can't remember even getting in the cab. What. The. Fuck.

Woman aren't safe in cabs in #halifax. Woman's rights are being violated. #judgelenehan #humanrights @MikeSavageHFX @dianawhalenNS

An appalling use of patriarchal power @cdnwomenfdn @JustinTrudeau #ConsentMatters #judgelenehan

Many had questions.

This scary case in Halifax had DNA evidence. The main witness was a cop. It just ended in an acquittal. How?

In NS law, do women exist in a state of 'consenting'? Is consent assumed unless there's recorded evidence to the contrary? #JudgeLenehan

Can't say "I do" intoxicated, but my drunk "yes" consent to sex is legally valid? #JudgeLenehan

@lizrenzetti thought taxi drivers job was to get someone home safely? #alrawi #halifax #judgelenehan

While others offered satirical advice.

Had too much to drink? Be safe. Don't drive-take a cab. Just remember that if you pass out you consent to be raped #JudgeLenehan

This user offered a lesson in consent.

A simple #consent lesson that some have missed. Empathy and hugs to many #Halifax women feeling less safe today.

Another shared how backwards Judge Lenehan's ruling was.

#judgelenehan, it's that simple! @ns_justice @dianawhalenNS #Rape #novascotia #Halifax #nspoli #cdnpoli

This Twitter user called out Lenehan's decision as a disgrace to Canadian law.

#judgeLenehan "clearly dunk can consent" clearly is a rapist himself. Rapist of the clear law in #Canada the beautiful #rape #women

Many demanded that Judge Lenehan be removed from the courts system.

Lenehan is a disgrace to the justice system. He should resign or be removed immediately. #JudgeLenehan

#NovaScotia #JUDGELENEHAN needs to be #removed ASAP Groups call for '#drunks can consent' judge to be removed

And it was pointed out that this wasn't the first time Judge Lenehan has gotten negative attention from the public.

What??? This wasn't the first questionable act of #JudgeLenehan - #novascotia #justice #women #rape

@seleross @TwitCoast same judge who told a mother she wasn't allowed to breastfeed in his courtroom #humanrights #judgelenehan

This twitter user urged the public to protest on March 7th.

#Halifax If you're angry with #JudgeLenehan's ruling yesterday, maybe you'll consider joining me March 7th....

Which gathered more than 300 people downtown Halifax.

Social justice advocates, politicians addressing the crowd. Police estimate 300+ people here. #Halifax #JudgeLenehan

The Crown has announced it will appeal Judge Lenehan's ruling. The future verdict for Al-Rawi remains to be seen.

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