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14 Impressions Of Toronto Only Someone From The East Coast Will Understand

Because sometimes all you need is a donair.

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There are a surprising number of trees in the city.

PandaWhale / Via Google

And woodland creatures.

wherethefoxthingsare / Via Google

All the dogs wear clothes.

iFunny / Via Google

The beach = happy place

GIFSec / Via Google

(Even though you wish the lake was an ocean.)

Giphy / Via Google

Toronto seems enormous.

daxjansen / Via Google

And getting across the city takes forever.

bullshhhh / Via Google

Until you discover uberPOOL.

Popsugar / Via Google

Rent is crazy expensive.

Bustle / Via Google

But food is cheap and amazing.

Giphy / Via Google

And there are literally so. many. jobs.

kryzx / Via Giphy

People think you have an accent.

The Odyssey Online / Via Google

Stay strong. You're from the East coast and adorable.

hannahhh-hunttt / Via Google

In the end, Toronto is an incredible city to call home.

The Old Reader / Via Google
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