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12 Things Twentysomethings Literally Don’t Have Time For

Ain't nobody got time for ANY OF THIS.

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1. Reading long messages on dating apps.


Wayyyyy too thirsty.

2. Boring work meetings.

Tara Parian, BuzzFeed

"Excuse me, sir, but pardon my drool."

3. Making tasty looking treats for Instagram.

BuzzFeed Video / Via

Be true to yourself. Order an entire pizza for yourself and Instagram that.

4. Intricate DIY-ing.

Courtesy of Blooming Homestead / Via

Successful DIY projects are for goddesses, not feeble trolls like yourself.

5. RUDE people on your commute to work.

NBC / Via

Can't we all just avoid eye contact with one another in peace?

6. Receiving backhanded compliments.

BBC / Via

"OH REALLY? The pants I'm wearing fit you when you were much heavier?"

7. Family asking for life updates all the time.

Dimension Films / Via

"I am still not dating anyone and yes, my eczema is improving."

8. Hot-mess friends who only text you when they need something.


*claps* GET *claps* YOUR *claps* LIFE *claps* TOGETHER.

9. Waiting on laundry.

What do people even do while they wait, READ?!

10. Making phone calls.

Voice-on-voice is way too intimate, buddy.

11. Answering phone calls.

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12. Listening to voicemails.


"Can I live?"

And waiting forever for pasta to cook.

Use Pronto pasta — you don't EVEN have to drain it.
Courtesy of Barilla

Use Pronto pasta — you don't EVEN have to drain it.