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Tell Us What You're Thinking, Beta Testers!

Ever wonder what exactly a Beta Tester is?! Shh! Don't tell, but you're actually seeing ~top secret~ version of the BuzzFeed app before *anyone* else does! Please join our Facebook group to let us know what you think, and how we can make this the best possible experience for our other users!

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Do you use the BuzzFeed app a lot?

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We hope it usually makes you feel like this!


But sometimes you might feel more like..



Good news! Now you can join our ~beta~ Facebook Group to speak DIRECTLY to BuzzFeed's tech team + let us know what we're doing well, and especially what we could be doing better!

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In exchange for your help, look out for SWAG contests/giveaways, loads of ~insider~ info on what's coming next and - of course! - our eternal gratitude!


So what are you waiting for? Join our Facebook group + get started today!!