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Happy Birthday Toronto

183 divided by 6ix is 30.5ive so here are 30.5 tweets celebrating Toronto's birthday.

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In case you haven't realized it yet, Toronto turns 183 years old today.

My city is 183 years old today. #happybirthday #Toronto #the6 #toturns183

I mean, Canada is cool and may be celebrating 150 years but it ain't got nothin' on Toronto's 183.

Greatest city in the world, in one of the greatest countries in the world., Toronto, Canada! 😍🇨🇦❤️ #TOturns183

Remember when Toronto was just a little baby?

How Toronto looked in 1834. #TOturns183

Just look how cute and small it was.

The city of Toronto was incorporated 183 years ago today with City of Toronto Act.

And remember its awkward teenage years?

Happy 183rd #Toronto! Things have changed a bit from "View of the City of Toronto" c. 1850 by Edward Dartnell c.18…

We've loved watching it grow.

Queen St subway looking west, 1899. Photo: City Engineer's Dept. #TOturns183

There is a lot to be proud of here.

Happy Birthday Toronto! We are proud to be a part of the rich history of this incredible city! #TOTurns183

Happy Birthday to our eastern neighbour, #Toronto! May your next 183 years be as storied & successful as your first. #toturns183 @JohnTory

The diversity of our city is one of our favourite things about Toronto. Happy 183 Bday TO🎉❤️#TOturns183

We're even proud of how fresh it looked in the 80's.

Here's to you, #toronto! Only 183 years young and still looking as fresh as we did in the 80s. #hbd #toturns183

Whether Toronto is actually your home or it just feels like home...

There's no place like home #TOturns183

@JohnTory Im from Brazil and choose the best city in the world to live. My favorite place is definitely the queen st west area! #toturns183

#TOturns183 Even though I wasn't born here, Toronto is my home

Today, Toronto has a population of 2,731,571. #TOturns183 say we like it a lot is an understatement.

Happy birthday to the best city in the world! #TOturns183

Toronto is a city that looks good from all angles.

I worked on the Island every summer in high school. I've always loved the ferry ride. #TOturns183

From the water.

Happy 183rd birthday Toronto! We never get tired of this view! #TOturns183

From above

Happy Birthday #Toronto! 🎉🎈 #TOTurns183

From below

🎂 Happy 183rd birthday, Toronto! 🎉 #TOTurns183

From the ball park

#Toronto turns 183 today! Happy birthday to the city we call #home 💜

From the heavens

TBH, you don't look a day over 182, Toronto.

Not bad for 183 years old. Happy 183rd, Toronto. #TOturns183

Toronto: Old on the outside but young at heart. Happy birthday, ya beauty of a city! #TOturns183

Happy birthday Toronto! 183 never looked so good. @SeeTorontoNow @Celebrate_TO @TorontoComms #Toronto…

And even though it can be moody at times...

Despite the temperamental weather, I'm happy to call this place home for the last 13 years. Happy 183rd Birthday To…

Toronto is a great place to live, play, and work.

@JohnTory Our favourite place is our warehouse w/ our awesome drivers: delivering food to those in need for 31 of 1…

From the moment little baby TO was born, it's been a light.

Happy 183rd Birthday, #Toronto! #TOturns183

And it's changed a lot over the years.

It's changed a lot over 183 years! Let's work together to keep it beautiful! Happy Birthday #Toronto! #TOTurns183…

From your first mayor to the most recent...

William Lyon Mackenzie, elected as Toronto's first mayor in 1834: #TOturns183

Happy Birthday, Toronto. We love you <3

Happy 183rd Birthday to the greatest city on Earth! #TOturns183

What will you write in your birthday card to Toronto?

An invitation to make birthday cards. Happy 183rd birthday, Toronto! 🎉 #183 #HappyBirthdayToronto #Toronto…


City of Toronto / Via Twitter: @TorontoComms
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