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11 DIY Ways To Get Your Patio Summer Ready

It's the season of outdoor parties! And the best addition to any patio party is Barefoot Refresh Spritzers.

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5. Use cupcake liners to keep bugs out of your drinks.


Just overturn them on your glasses and stick straws right through the paper. Never deal with the horror of seeing a dead fruit fly in your drink again!

6. Freeze water balloons instead of using ice to cool down bottled and canned beverages.

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Your drinks won't get wet, and who doesn't want to pull their drinks out of a bucket of water balloons? Plus, when the water melts, you can have a water balloon fight (or donate them to the kids next door)!

9. Paint a vintage-style radio to play your summer tunes.

There's nothing like dancing with friends to beats on a vintage radio. Find them at your local thrift shop or buy one here.

10. Pick up some fresh herbs to spruce up dishes while keeping mosquitoes away.

A number of herbs act as natural bug repellents, including peppermint and rosemary...AND you can pluck a few sprigs to garnish drinks and dishes. You can keep them fresh by sticking them in vases or bottles with water!

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